Chef's knife(Bilateral Cutting Edge) / 18cm blade length Anmon Bukotsu Series(pipe-shaped) シェフナイフ(牛刀) 両刃/刃渡り18cm 暗紋無骨シリーズ(パイプ柄)

¥ 62,640($582.55)

*Payments will be payed in Japanese yen. The price in the foreign current is a rough estimate.

*Tax included.

*Limit of 1 per order.

*6,000JPY($55.80) will be added per order as a shipping fee.

"Anmon Bukotsu Series” design comes from idea of Kozo Takeda(Designer / Chairman of Hirosaki Craft Association). This knife brings to mind Fukuronagasa(pipe-shaped woodman's hatchet which is used by traditional hunters in Animachi, Akita). This beautiful integrated knife is produced by applying Anmon pattern to Knife handle.

The “Anmon” design was inspired by the rippling water of the Anmon Waterfalls, cascading from the foot of the World Heritage Shirakami Mountains adjacent to the city of Hirosaki.


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